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Worms and parasites in the human’s body and treatment of parasites. Cleansing the body from parasites.

This article certainly shocks. It is not worth reading during meals, and even after it. Nevertheless, you should carefully study this material, because it is about things that are vital for all of us! These are parasites living in the depths of the human’s body, and how destructive they affect our health and wellbeing. This topic, which has for a long been and remains a taboo subject, will disgust many of you. I hope that the following statement will help get rid of this terrible taboo once and for all. When you finish reading this article until the end, you realize how important is this information for you and your loved ones. In any case, statistically you have the option of 8-9 cases out of 10 to become infected with parasites. You will also become clear that this phenomenon is much more common than one might assume. Perhaps you – unsuspecting victim parasitic epidemic update. This epidemnya knows no territorial, economic and sexual boundaries. This is a quiet epidemic of which most doctors in this country do not even suspect. What is a parasite? Parasite – is an organism living at the expense of its owner – that is you or me. The parasite lives inside our body parallel to life, feeding on our own energy, our cells, or the food we eat. In our bodies can live more than 100 species of parasites – from the microscopic to the worms of a few meters. Contrary to popular belief, parasites are living not only in the colon – they can be found in any part of our body: the lungs, liver, muscles, joints, esophagus, brain, blood, skin and even eyes!

World Health Organization released a report which suggests that up to 80% of all human diseases are caused by parasites, either directly, or are a consequence of their vital functions in our body!

All doctors, no matter to what specialty they belong, must recognize the fact that on the evidence pathologicoanatomic practices, 90% post-mortems are teeming with large worms, protozoa and unicellular organisms.

It’s no secret that asthma is often parasitic nature: the cause of liver disease is a parasite – fluke.

It’s no secret that diabetes in some cases has parasitic roots (fluke of cattle).

It’s no secret that eczema and psoriasis – a disease associated with lack of silicon, which absorb the parasites who settled in the human body.

It’s no secret that trigger the development of inflammatory diseases of the joints are often the parasites.

It’s no secret that the simplest single-celled parasites affect the body of the child in the womb and to combat them impossible to use any antibiotics, or irradiation, or surgery.

Parasites cause allergy of the human body, reduce resistance to infectious diseases, creating a predisposition to chronic diseases and also reduce the effectiveness of vaccination.

You can be a “boss” of more than 2000 species of parasites, from the smallest microorganisms to the meter worms. Parasites live not only in the rectum – they can be found in almost any part of the body: lung, liver, muscles, joints, stomach, esophagus, brain, blood, skin and even eyes.

People, ignorant of the dangers sluggishly flowing parasitic diseases, are not aware of the fact that pets are natural carriers of a large number of parasites, which they scatter everywhere in the house and infect hosts. It usually does not make any special arrangements to prevent the spread of parasites or taking measures are not enough for total treatment of worms and parasites.

Unfortunately, modern infectious disease can not fully explore the person using traditional diagnostic techniques. Every doctor prescribes various medications that are often not able to cope with the cause of the disease and fully treat worms in the body, but only “chase” her symptoms were deep inside the body.

How you can be infected by parasites

Due to the growth of tourism, contaminated water and food, as well as excessive use of chemicals and antibiotics. Worms nematodes and a huge number of amoebas in much larger quantities distributed among the population, as traditional medicine claims. The high concentration of parasites was found in commercial pork products (bacon, ham, frankfurters, sausages, pork chops, etc.). Beef, chicken, mutton and even fish are often contaminated by them.

Of course, these facts are deplorable for any society, consuming a lot of meat, meat and fish products. The person may become infected by Swine Worm consuming contaminated raw pork, as, for example, fresh or smoked ham or sausage. Larvae develop in the muscles, distributed through the central nervous system in other tissues and organs and, finally, cling to the upper small intestine. Pig worm causes great harm to human host when the immature larvae invade muscle tissue, heart, eyes or brain.

Already being in maternity hospitals, women and newborn babies are infected with staphylococcus, chlamydia, trichomonads and other infections. According to the resonant frequency of diagnosis, pest infested 97% of the population, especially the high rate of infection with ascarids, pinworm, roundworms and all types of tape worms. Fungal infections infect about 25% of the population.

According to data from different regions of the World, 70% of surveyed patients are infected with Toxoplasma – tiny parasites that live in the brain. This intracellular parasites that destroy brain cells, as well as living in the internal organs, muscles and lymph nodes. Infection occurs from cats, dogs, birds, and through the milk of farm animals. When pregnancy becomes infected and the future child, as the placenta of infected women are not able to deal with the penetration toxoplasm.

And this is just one example of the harmful effects of parasites. In life, people in contact with a lot of malicious microorganisms, infected by them. It would seem, consists desperate situation – we have to put up with this “uninvited neighborhood”, which is weighty reduces the quality of life of modern man.

And at the current moment the most effective way to treat some types of worms and parasites is Mebendazole (known at the market as Vermox) – highly effective drug against worms and parasites.

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